On the penthouse floor of a retrofit structure in the core of Lisbon, Studio Arthur Casas has finished the TM Apartment. Intended for a couple, the exquisite interiors connect neutral hues and wood with sprinkles of rich blue, associating with the all surrounding landscape on the river Tejo outside.

The design of TM Apartment has been extraordinarily curated to the desires of the customer as they were searching for both comfortable areas to get together with friends as well as private spaces.

In light of this, Studio Arthur Casas has parted the arrangement into two wings, beginning from the common spaces. On one side, the southern one, social activities happen in the living room, bar, dining area, and kitchen; while the private areas are concentrated inside the northern side.

When you enter the loft, the Portuguese tiles in the lounge area present a vivid blue, a striking shading utilized all through the house, and which is likewise present in the Delfino chairs and Carolina Semiatzh’s painting.

In the middle of this space, the Amorfa table, designed by Arthur Casas, is brought to life thanks to a dynamic design and peculiar natural accents.