Anthony Authié, originator of Zyva studio and Charlotte Taylor, founder of Maison de Sable present their first joint effort, the Villa Ortizet.

The fantasy-like work of design reviews the French countryside. Sited in the town of Saint Pierre Le Vieux in Lozere, Villa Ortizet pays tribute to Authie’s grandfather who had lived in this enchanting French town.

In conceiving the project, Authie refers to his childhood memories to give life to legends and sceneries.

Anthony Authié and Charlotte Taylor express their Villa Ortizet with a shell of monochrome green, mirroring the common environmental factors in a contemporary manner.

In a harmony among innovative and traditional design practices, the structure of the space is portrayed by an intermittent utilization of curvy lines and a meticulous choice of furniture pieces.

The ongoing idea connecting the various zones is the apparent rock, totals with the structure to shape a uniform setting.