In the Mexican city of Morelia, Daniela Bucio Sistos has worked on a bistro located in a 1950s building.

After renovating during the 90s, this most recent renovation connects three separate properties into a unique and distinctive restaurant, while keeping the Mexican roots alive.

Two of the first structures were linked through a central court. This intervention by Daniela Bucio Sistos defines the patio as the main area of the new restaurant.

From here, a progression of visually monochromatic spaces are brought both on the inside and outside. The palette of hues (green, blue, and yellow) comes from the shades of the area’s typical pottery.

The format of Santomate is structured as a spatial experience that visitors will find out piece by piece. After entering through the thin entryway, a dull green lobby leaves you wanting to know more of what’s on the inside.

In the bar area, the main point is the curved, artisanal bar which is the focal point of the room.