Chinese studio X+Living designed the second Zhongshuge bookstore, this time in Beijing.

Arranged inside the Lafayette department store, the new structure references to traditional Chinese gardens to let clients enter a space that celebrates books in every step of the way.

The interiors present walls of books and circular passages. Referencing the traditional ‘moon doors’ found in Chinese gardens, various zones of the bookstore are associated by these huge roundabout curves, which serve not exclusively for people to navigate the store, but also to outline the views on the space.

Utilizing curved shapes, X+Living has additionally included a few spots to stop and sit, with the arched door serving both as a decoration and as functional elements.

The structure additionally uses floor levels to celebrate the act of strolling through the store. Much the same as a garden, clients are welcome to wander around and discover new landscapes.

The light reflecting on the floors additionally gives the space a mystic feel.