Studio Sārānsh utilized a variety of materials to infuse a sense of physicality inside this family home in Ahmedabad, western India.

VS House is arranged on the edges of the city of Ahmedabad. It was completed seven years ago as a four-bed home, yet it has later been reconfigured by Sārānsh. Presently it has three rooms and broader living spaces.

Floorings all through the house has been finished in grey Kota stone, a type of limestone coming from the north of India in Rajasthan.

In the living room, the Kota tiles have been applied over the floor in a herringbone design. A timber plinth wraps around the edges of the space.

Bigger pieces of Kota have been utilized for floorings in the home’s more relaxed sitting area, which is enriched with timber-framed blue sofas. This room opens onto an outside patio with views of a planted yard.