Set on a backwoods structure in Croatia, furniture company Prostoria, in a joint effort with creators Numen/For Use and Simon Morasi Piperčić, has presented the ‘Revisiting Analogue’ venture.

With events everywhere throughout the world being dropped because of the COVID-19 and the computerized world-dominating, ‘Revisiting Analogue’ addresses the longing for a simple encounter, through a different furniture exhibition.

Explained through symmetrical ‘islands’ set in a grid, the structure appears differently in relation to the different arrangements of trees and hedges.

This connection between geometry, nature, and individuals gives an intriguing setting to enjoy Prostoria’s top artworks.

The structure’s volume is accentuated by the clever clustering of the furnishings, as though every island is its own house with imaginary walls and rooftops.

The Forest Pavilion was imagined around inverted digitalism; it has a contemporary style, however it is simple in its procedure and materials.