A knot of red neon tubes hangs at the focal point of Kink café and bar in Berlin, which has been planned by Oliver Mansaray and Daniel Scheppan.

Kink was made by Mansaray and Scheppan to mix contemporary art and gastronomy.

It’s located in a reestablished industrial lot in Pfefferberg, previously a brewery in Berlin’s Pankow region that is currently a vibrant center for arts.

A few studios are nearby, including the one of artist Olafur Eliasson, just as different attractions, like the Museum of Architectural Drawings.

Mansaray and Scheppan worked close by a large group of creatives to understand the mixed insides of Kink.

Among them is Swiss craftsman Kerim Seiler, who suspended the bespoke light establishment from the eight-meter-high roof of the café’s principle lounge area.

Named Spaceknot, the piece is produced using more than 100 meters of red neon tubing that circles and entwines to frame a scribble-like shape.