Portuguese designer Susana Godinho founded SUGO CORK RUGS in 2017. Utilizing modern design to infuse life into ancient weaving methods, she combines the eco-friendly cork with reused and recuperated materials from the fashion industry.

Situated in the north of Portugal, the brand is focused on not just working in congruity with nature but also by giving economical opportunities to individuals living with incapacities.

The handwoven mat requires an inventive cork lace alongside cotton or fleece and raw linen, weaved together by the brand’s craftsmen in Portugal.

Made with conventional weaving procedures, SUGO CORK RUGS consolidates eco-friendly and traditional materials with popular patterns trending in interior design.

The usage of cork in carpets was created in association with Corticeira Amorim – a world pioneer in the cork industry.

The cork’s properties benefit the endurance of the rugs while keeping the production totally sustainable and potentially replicable in areas with scarce natural resources.