Green walls balance a sparkling steel tub in the bathroom of this Antwerp loft, which has been refreshed by Belgian design studio Atelier Dialect.

The green bathroom is one of a bunch of stylish changes that Atelier Dialect made to Apartment A. Prior to the studio’s operation, the home had just experienced a broad remodel by a different designer.

The main room is a long open-plan space, half of which is dedicated to an en-suite bathroom. At the focal point of the space is a thick divider, coated with typical white subway tiles, except for a column of dark tiles that run along the divider’s base.

It fills in as a realistic background for the rectangular tub that has been put just in front.

The tub has been wrapped with boards of reflecting steel, supplementing the sanded stainless steel sink that has been inserted into an L-shaped partition.

The studio has attempted to add extra textural enthusiasm by laying grey carpet on the floor and, by contrast, applying a shiny paint to the ceiling.