Studio Snøhetta has designed a system of cabins with views of the Jostedalen glacier in Norway to supplant accommodations that were destroyed by a cyclone.

Displayed around the pinnacle of a hill, the cabins were made for a local office of the Norwegian National Trekking Association. They supplant the first Tungestølen Tourist Cabin, which was unfortunately decimated by cyclone Dagmar in 2011.

Planned with the same intent of the past structure as a main priority, Snøhetta gave the new lodges a hearty structure. Every one of the structures’ walls has a sharp shape to help redirect wind coming up the valley.

This structure joins the main area with the sleeping areas and individual lodges by giving them all pentagonal shapes.

The primary cabin contains a living room with an open chimney and dining area also coming in a pentagonal structure. Nearby this section there is a dormitory block that can suit 30 guests and a storage block, which also follows the pentagonal shapes.