Formica boards with round oculi structure the walls of the suites in 2020: A Spa Odyssey, a day spa in Venezuela that Atelier Caracas has designed on the sets of a Stanley Kubrick movie.

Inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey, the spa is situated on a bustling road in Caracas, Venezuela. The clients worked with Atelier Caracas to create an incredible spa segregated from the chaotic city.

By analyzing visual aspects in sci-fi movies, the studio created the spa with furniture and engineering intended to mirror 2001: A Space Odyssey’s settings and characters.

Enormous Formica sheets with rounded edges are fronted with round patterns and covered with matte glass windows. The structures are thought to reference the AI from the film.

Beige curtains give privacy to clients during their spa sessions. Rose-shaded glass separations connect to the boards obscuring the view between the different spaces.

A big rock, resembling a meteorite, was found outside of the city and is arranged as a beautiful component underneath the dark Formica front counter.