Architect Tomas Osinsk and Los Angeles filmmaker Chris Hanley have made a reflected house in the proximities of Joshua Tree National Park, intended to resemble a skyscraper laid on its side.

The Invisible House sits on a remote site a short way from Downtown Joshua Tree, California. The property can be leased for shooting, photography, and occasions.

Hanley, the Los Angeles filmmaker behind American Psycho, worked with designer Tomas Osinski to build up a long and thin steel-outline house clad, made of reflecting glass commonly utilized for skyscrapers. It is raised over the ground on concrete cylinders.

On the inside, the glass walls offer sweeping perspectives on the surroundings, while the metal structure is left uncovered in the ceiling.

The 511-square-mete house is structured as one long space around a 30-meter-long indoor pool.

The living and dining rooms are located on the concrete floor by the pool. They present various arrangements of couches and chairs. Sliding glass doors additionally serve as dividers as well as opening the interiors up to the outside.