Eliza Hague, a design student, came up with an idea for inflatable greenhouses produced using shellac-covered bamboo paper to help people in Jaipur, India, grow their own crops.

Eliza Hague utilized a paper-like material from bamboo pulp as an eco-friendly and accessible option in contrast to the polyethylene plastic sheeting normally utilized for polytunnels.

Hague trusts that her vision could support networks in the city of Jaipur to develop their own food for a progressively independent, plant-based lifestyle, which would alleviate the environmental damage done by meat-based farming.

The land needed to farm meat is a lot greater than the one to grow crops, and crops that are grown in greenhouses need even less space.

The structures Hague designed can be crumpled flat and easily transported to the chosen site where they would then be be inflated with air to give shape to the greenhouses.

Smaller elements would serve as a structure to hold the greenhouse up. As an alternative, bamboo sticks could be utilized as supporting structures as well.