Studio Peca, located in Guadalajara, designed round tables and stools by using wooden cylinders, wool, and reused glass.

The collection goes by the name of “Loto”, and it was created by Peca’s head designer and studio executive Caterina Moretti in Mexico. Regardless of having various widths and statures, the pieces are all made by utilizing the same wooden dowels consolidated in a round shape, creating a fluted structure.

Tables present a all-around wooden fluted edging and they have recycled glass as a cover. The glass is produced using repurposed window panes in Tlaquepaque, a community in Jalisco where the majority of Peca’s pieces are made by following the traditional crafting methods.

The glass on the tables, which transparency results in a green-blue shade, shows the dowel structure beneath.

A stool also serves as a pouf and presents the fluted plan at the base. The piece is covered in hand-woven cream-shaded lambswool, coming from the town of San Juan Chamula.