sP+a, located in Mumbai, has finished a sanctuary for the villagers around the Indian city of Nandyal.
the building contains two worship sites to Balaji and Varahaswamy as dark limestone ziggurats. Then, a similar material has been utilized for a different structure, where the priest resides, and a Prasad counter for contributions. A tank, known as “Pushkarini”, encompasses the sanctuary with a shallow waterway.

The environmental methodology for the venture started with the need of bringing water to the area.

By doing so, water coming out of limestone quarries was directed to a low-lying pit. The team at that point envisioned the banks of this configuration as a place to socialize, like that of a “Ghat”, steps leading down to water.

The procedure utilizes locally-sourced black limestone to shape the main structure of the temple. In the meantime, soil and greenery has been installed in the lower half of the buildings to give shelter against heat.