Fornasetti and the “Complesso Monumentale della Pilotta” in Parma present “Fornasetti Theatrum Mundi”, an expo that brings many elements from the Milanese atelier in harmony with the collections of the Pilotta.

After a significant period when activities paused because of the COVID-19 crisis, the expo was opened on June 3, 2020, and will be available to the public until February 14, 2021.

Investigating elegance through the perspective of contemporary design, ‘Fornasetti Theatrum Mundi’ is a genuine ‘Theater of the World’.

Fornasetti’s elements show a significant connection with the design and works of art of the Complesso Monumentale della Pilotta, showing their relationship through culture and creativity.

The show presents a genuine “Theatrum”, taking guests through a layered excursion between the works of art and the innovations through the centuries.