In Madrid, Spain, Smart and Green Design presents “Game On”, an expo that celebrates the history of computer games.

Game On is the most important show going over the history and culture of computer games. First appeared in London in 2002, the expo has since ventured out to more than thirty nations around the world.

Now it’s in Spain, supported by Fundación Trench, with a new configuration by Smart and Green Design. The show is situated inside a huge underground water deposit in Madrid’s downtown area, with a noteworthy, ancient design.

While working on the new concept of the Game On exhibition, Smart and Green Design came up with a brilliant link to the 80s, which the studio sees as a pioneering decade for computer games. This ambiance is a key perspective on the computer game scene, and is the beginning stage for the spatial origination of the project. A progression of hued LED line-work beats along with rhythms and geometries to build up the concept of each and every area of the expo.