Jaime Juárez Arquitectura has worked on a private building situated inside Morelia city, in Mexico. The building rises up out of the trapezoidal configuration of the plot where it’s located, which sees it divided into three volumes adjusted to the site’s conditions.

One of the highlights of the project by Jaime Juárez Arquitectura is the coordination of vegetation in both the outside and inside of the structure. Outside, the trees wrap all around the house, producing various shadows and reflections on the façade as the four seasons change.

Inside, the green of the thick vegetation diverges from the dark stone floors and the volume of the walls, accomplishing a perfect balance.

The primary access to the home is made through a lobby, with different visual stimulations made by a game of lights, a flight of stairs, and natural elements.

The walls that shape the whole building, isolate the spaces into private and public areas.