NYC-based design studio TRNK is displaying new works through a virtual exhibition called REND.


The works in the show are the products of joint efforts with Seoul-based craftsmen Sisan Lee and FICT Studio, Mexico-based Disciplina Studio, along with pieces by TRNK Collection, which is planned in-house by TRNK.



REND investigates the materials metal and stone and how every designer decides to draw in the connection between the two.



The dreamlike virtual world that houses the show was structured by in a joint effort with Berlin-based craftsman Hannes Lippert of Form and Rausch and it is enlivened by atmospheres of old bathhouses or hammam.



The mix of the various works naturally features contrasts in the various employments of the usual material language. Disciplina Studio’s marble tables, for example, show up sharp in contrast with the delicate upholstery of TRNK Collection’s steel seating.



REND denotes the first time TRNK has tried a different path offering items in a virtual situation. The full show can be experienced on TRNK’s website.