A new conceptual work by artist Cyril Lancelin was presented, and it’s coziness at its best.

The new work by Cyril Lancelin is a pyramidal structure made of pillows, that towers over a bed located on the inside. The project is one of the many reactions the world of design is giving to the current pandemic.

The designer, in fact, wanted to put the stress on the importance of being home, and the pillow serves as a symbol. The pillow is figuratively a weapon we have against the virus, being it the representation of staying safe at home.
Cyril Lancelin wanted to convey both a sense of coziness and a feeling of protection. The pyramid structure is conceived as a cocoon for the person being underneath, on a bed.

Many artists are unable to concentrate on projects for the exteriors, so they turn to solutions such as the Pillow Pyramid, totally thought for the indoors, able to deliver a message during these difficult times.