Architects at HEMAA Arquitectura turned a 1950s house into a beautiful modern mansion that features an intriguing color contrast.

The house was originally designed by Mexican architect Augusto H. Álvarez, which featured a grid plan that saw the living spaces divided according to four structural axes every four meters.

HEMAA Arquitectura brought the building back to its original floor plan, recreating the open spaces that once were in the house. Moreover, they gave the house an interesting and modern turn thanks to the usage of a contrasting mix of light oak and grey stucco.

You can find this contrast in the facade of the house that gives privacy to the inhabitants by secluding them from the street, but it opens up in the rear onto the garden thanks to big windows that let the outside come in and vice versa.

The tonal contrast is also found in the beautiful interiors of the house, which feature a calm and reassuring atmosphere thanks to the light oak, with intermissions of dark elements given by the vertically striped openings you can find in the front door.