A Birdbox designed on a human scale

Probably reading the words “bird box” the first thing that comes to mind is the post-apocalyptic Netflix movie with Sandra Bullock. The project we’re about to present to you has nothing to do with this thriller (I refuse to call it horror), but the analogy is not entirely wrong since, somehow, even this tiny house is synonymous with adventure.

It was designed by a group of Norwegian architects under the name Livit, who designed a minimalist prefabricated cabin inspired (yes, exactly) by a birdcage. The group’s motto is based on creating products that allow for unique and sustainable experiences, with minimal intervention in the natural environment and high quality in the use and design of materials.

In an extremely wild country like Norway, with its renowned fjords and spectacular mountain ranges with sinuous lines, Livit has created a micro-home for travellers looking for a place where freedom and tranquillity are absolute. The designer of Birdbox, and co-founder of Livit, is Norwegian Torstein Aa, also known for designing the award-winning Vision of The Fjords – a tourist ship that combines inclusive design and sustainability to set new standards for maritime transport, designed to sail the UNESCO-protected Norwegian fjord Nærøyfjorden.

“In Livit we wanted to create a product that could enable unique experiences, with minimal footprint. Built in composites to withstand any environment with no need for maintenance. Birdbox can be lifted in place with a helicopter and mounted on columns for a minimal and reversible footprint in the nature”, says Torstein Aa.

Birdbox is designed to bring people closer to nature. It has a minimalist design to provide maximum comfort and highlight the landscape around the cabin. Thanks to its natural shapes and colours, inspired by the Norwegian mountains, Birdbox blends completely with its surroundings. A mild yet extremely attractive presence for its guests.

The peculiarity? It can withstand extreme weather conditions and, because of its geometric shape, can be placed anywhere, even on rough and steep terrain. Being designed to be a rectangular box resting on adjustable legs, it does not need to rest on a fixed base.

“Birdboxes will be located across the country where you get a new experience in every place you visit. We are creating an offer where we can showcase our country from its best side where one can experience Norway through Birdbox,” says Livit Group CEO Asbjørn Reksten Stigedal.

Like its namesake, Birdbox has a circular window at the end to frame the landscape and is available in two versions, Mini and Medi, which can be ordered or booked through the official Livit website. The Medi version has space for a double bed, sink, table and armchairs, and has large saddle-shaped windows on the sides. The Mini, smaller, has only one bed, with a side view framed by a hatch-shaped slit.

The price is available on request and is based, of course, on design customization. But if you are curious and want to experience the thrill of living in this minihome, you can book in a Birdbox overlooking a dramatic Norwegian fjord of Fauske or Langeland, starting from 1.690 kr per night (just over 150€).