The art of renders is gathering the interests of many, as these hyper realistic too-good-to-be-true representations are blurring the lines of what’s real and what is not. Through renders, people can find a way to project themselves in ideal spaces that do not actually need the prerogative of “existence” in order to inspire and amaze. Needless to say, emotions are real, and so is the source of those emotions. Georgios Tataridis (@georgios_tataridis) know this very well, with his renders rising in popularity as they become the hottest issues on social media these days. We asked him a few questions to know more about his art.

You introduce yourself as an interior designer based between the Netherlands and Greece. Tell us more about your background.

I got a Bachelor Degree in Interior Architecture & Design at West Athens University. I’m Greek and for the last four years I’m based in The Netherlands. After some years that I worked for companies as professional Interior Designer and 3D Artist, I started my own business. It was a plan of some years. Now, that is my main activity.

How did you get close to interior design and how did it impact your professional career?

As long as I can remember, I’ve always been connected with art. When I was child I used to sketch cartoons all the times. In high school I started to draw floor plans and I truly connected with it. Then worked hard on my skills in order to pass the exams for Interior Design and I achieved it. After five years of studying I became an Interior Architect-Designer. Since then I improve myself daily. As a perfectionist I always want to produce better results than my previous works. Until now, that way of thinking worked out well for myself.

Yours are some of the best interior renders you could find on the web at the moment. What is your inspiration for creating such amazing works of art?

It’s always difficult to explain my inspiration because it’s more about feelings and imagination. People that I meet and countries I visit are my main inspirations. I will give you an example to make it more clear. Let’s say that we meet each other and we have an interesting conversation. Through our discussion you can inspire me and, for my next project, you will be my inspiration. It’s like I transform the feelings and imagination into interior design. It’s really difficult to explain that feeling but that’s it how I get inspired.

Renders truly capture the designer’s ideas and concepts: how is it like when it comes to turning them into reality and how much does an interior designer should rely on renders?

It’s like you turn your ideas alive and then you have to transfer them into the real world. When I make renders I think as if they were reality. It’s the immediate next step and I have to take it into account. If the concept is clear, it’s not difficult to make it in reality according the renders. At the end, when I see the result, I see a small idea that used to float in my mind become reality in front of my eyes. It’s unbelievable.

Renders are becoming more and more successful on art platforms and social media: in your opinion, what is the thing about renders that captures people’s attention so much?

Through renders you can show something that even doesn’t exist. Many people still ask me if my renders are real or not. It’s an illusion. It’s something new that some years ago didn’t even exist and that’s why it takes the attention of people. For some renders it’s not actually possible to turn them into reality because of technical issues but even those ideas are interesting to watch.

How did social media impact your career and exposure as a designer?

Social media changed my life. Literally. Before social media, I was able to show my works only to some people. Now, my works are travelling all over the world. If you provide value, very soon your works will become fabulous. There are eyes in literally every corner. You may start from zero and end up talking about business and cooperation with one of the greatest personalities of your field. It’s amazing, but it’s not only about that. Many people told me that I inspired them to study interior design, to learn how to love that profession and to start their own businesses. Inspiring other people through my work it’s an unlimited pleasure for me.

Nowadays, in a hyper-competitive market and with trends changing very fast, it’s very hard to keep a business alive. What makes your own business stand out from the others?

I have the advantage to be Interior Architect-Designer and 3D Artist at the same time. The skills of a 3D Artist help me show to my clients how the interiors will be even before starting to build the house. The skills of an Interior Architect-Designer give me the ability to turn the renders into reality. That was the core idea of my own business. To combine those two professions and give a unique experience to my clients during the whole process. I’m very pleased to see that my idea is becoming acknowledged, so I think I will continue to grow my business for the rest of my life.