All photos by © Roberto Conte

It is difficult to define the work of this young Italian now internationally known. Designer, artist, set designer, Edoardo Tresoldi is all of these things together as well as the visionary creator of impossible worlds, which go beyond the coordinates of space and time and which are on the border between a dreamlike dimension and the concreteness of the metal net.

It is precisely with iron wire that Tresoldi gives shape to his works, architectures that take up the profiles of life-size cathedrals, reaching a height of 26 metres, with the majesty of great architectural works and the evanescent lightness of a hologram.

These are ephemeral installations, destined to disappear over time, and site-specific, which in their placement in a defined environment generate volumetric and visual distortions, contrasts and symphonies between elements of the past and industrial materials, in a dialogue between archaic and contemporary that leaves one speechless.
This is the case of “Fillmore“, the latest work in order of time, presented just a month ago, designed for the Cathédrale restaurant of the Moxy East Village hotel in New York and inspired by the iconic structure of Fillmore East, the concert hall on the Lower East Side active until 1971.

In the central hall of the hotel, Studio Tresoldi designs a suspended sculpture, an ethereal presence that recalibrates the spatial and temporal perceptions of visitors; a precious architectural relict, to which the dense cracks and the interplay of full and empty spaces gives a contemporary dimension.

Reality and illusion, ancient and modern meet and lose their boundaries even in the “Gharfa” pavilion, built at the end of 2019 in the Saudi capital Riyadh. This time Tresoldi presents a large sculpture that can be crossed, reaching 26 meters in its highest part. The structure evokes the local ruins, inviting the visitor to discover its spaces defined by the wire mesh, in which cork elements are inserted. Here, for the first time, the Italian artist creates an ephemeral architecture that hides the context in which it is placed and outlines itself as an architectural fortress that barely allows a glimpse of what is happening inside.

A few months earlier Tresoldi’s research on the experiential perception of space and the relationship with the elements of the landscape had brought the designer to the art park “Arte Sella”, in the Trentino Alps, Italy, with “Simbiosi“, an installation that is entirely open to the sky and 5 meters high.

The work composes a space for rest and contemplation, a ruin suspended in time, which appears as if it has always existed but at the same time seems to come from the future. Here the immaterial worlds of Tresoldi’s vision meet the materiality of stone and mountain, to become a harmonious dialogue between architecture and natural environment.